Willkommen bei mapa verlag Postcard Art Panorama
Panoramakarten - Glückwunschkarten
Verlag und Fachgroßhandel
Prof. Peter Jordanstrasse 12-14
A-2331 Vösendorf /Vienna/Austria
Telefon +43 1/699 66 67
Fax +43 1/699 66 68 11
Vending displays "Postcard Art Panorama"
Art Panorama rotating display

with panoramic roof is provided for free to our customers.

Proven track record in a small device.

Modern futuristic design. The display assortment is an impressing eye-catcher.
32 racks for an assortment of 960 Postcard Art Panorama

>16 racks for 30 open Postcard Art Panorama
>16 racks for 30 folded Postcard Art Panorama

4 solid handles for a comfortable operation

The baseplate with 5 big wheeles and 2 brakes guarantees stability.
Recommended retail price